Monday, September 27, 2010

sacred spaces

Covenant Artists have been meeting biweekly lately to read over Scripture about the Christmas story & the many prophecies that concern the coming of Christ. Many have begun to get visions of what God would have us communicate - or what God is communicating to us - from these Scriptures and it's an exciting process.

Finally, we are beginning to produce sketches and share our ideas and visions in a physical manner. I'm hoping to get several artists to share with me so that I can share them on this blog.

Allison Carlos has a passion for the concept of creating sacred spaces, such as within sanctuaries and she has shared some sketches with me, so now I'm sharing with you. She was particularly inspired by the scripture in Luke 1:28-35 and Matthew 1:20.

Alison explains, "I merged my work on creating pieces for sacred spaces with the Christmas Art Project. My concept for two pieces that are intended to hang together are: (1) Mary with the angel telling her about how the Holy Spirit will hover over her and she will be with child (little Jesus) and (2) Joseph's dream when the Lord tells him that he should not be afraid to take Mary home as his wife even though she is pregnant."

"So, the two rough sketches are attached. The challenge is that I intend to paint these pieces using the colors of the Church Calendar. These are Advent pieces, and the primary colors for Advent are purple and blue with some use of rose. The challenge comes with the use of this very limited palette of analogous colors (colors essentially from common sides of the color wheel). So, we shall see how it goes."

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