Friday, June 11, 2010

teresa's eggs...

So only about three months later, here are close ups & some of Teresa Harbert's words about her works. (Sometimes time really does fly!)

“Waves” Chicken Egg Pysanky

Sometimes I have a specific symbol in mind when I start an egg, and sometimes I just play with shapes. This wave pattern was fun to stretch into an all-over design.

“Quilt star” Chicken Egg Pysanky

I’ve always loved translating traditional quilt designs onto my eggs. Here the Ohio Star pattern features prominently.

“Feathered Pinwheel” Chicken Egg Pysanky

My challenge in this show was to take simple forms such as this pinwheel and make each one unique. Without the distraction of color the design had to be distinctive enough to stand on its own.

“Eternal Circles” Goose Egg Pysanky

All the bands of design circle this egg without a break which historically in the art of pysanky signifies eternity.

“I Am the Vine” Chicken Egg Pysanky

We bear fruit as Christians only when we remain connected to Christ.

Thanks so much Teresa, and next time I will be faster, I promise! jm

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