Monday, December 10, 2007

heaven's open!

So I was too busy getting ready for the opening of Visions of Heaven at the Artisan Gallery to get around to updating this blog last week, but I'll make up for it by posting photos from Saturday night and then I'll catch up with more art that is up on those walls right now. Remember that if you want to see any of these images larger, just click on it.

This shot shows the back end of the gallery, you can see one of Dave Kiesewetter's pieces, several of Ross Conklin's and Vincent Dixon's painting on the curvy wall. My sculptural work is on the pedastal.

Another view of the gallery shows Sandy Thornton's painting next to several of Karen Fields' small works - and the door leading into Cafe' Refugio.

Looking back toward the front of the gallery you can see Eileen Downes' pieces, large and small, and another of Ross Conklin's paintings.

And here's the front door of the gallery, Ross has another painting here, and you can see a grouping of my photographic works here as well.

Farther along that same wall, are a few more of my photographic works, and a couple artists waiting for their throngs of visitors. During the reception, I made an effort to capture each of the showing artists by their work:

Dave and Pam Kiesewetter

Eileen Downes

Jared Konopitski

Karen Fields

Ross Conklin

Sandy Wenell Thornton

Sheila Stockton

Vincent Dixon

Our cool live music, Karmada

Judith and Scott Monroe

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auswork said...

how can i get in contact with vincent dixon? i would like to see more of his work. J