Thursday, October 18, 2007

heaven in the studio

This is actually my entry for today on my personal art blog, which you can find at, but it's about my work for this heaven project, so I figured I'd just post it here, too:

More studio work today - and last night -

Wet watercolors on the New Jerusalem Palms mini series (and here you thought that was only on tv.)

This morning, I was working on two things at once - actually alternately, but saying at once is more impressive - in the foreground you can see the new Polaroid transfer wall art plaques I'm working on for a couple venues and back on my drawing table I'm doing the pencil work on the New Jerusalem Palms quartet.

By noon I've already finished the New Jerualem Palms, so I'll share...

My Father's House 1/5

Heavenly Homeland 1/5

City of God 1/5

Times of Refreshment 1/5

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