Tuesday, February 20, 2007

working title

“Visions of Heaven” is the working title of a group art project by Covenant Artists based on a Biblical study of Heaven. It’s very important to us that this be God working through us, so our whole process begins and ends with prayer and is thoroughly rooted in Scripture. Our study is largely based on a book by Randy Alcorn titled “In Light of Eternity” who has given many Scripture references in each chapter of his book.

As we read through the book together, we look up each scripture, taking it in context, looking for cross-references, and sketching images that we find described or imagine. We come together once a week at this stage to share what we have learned, to bring up questions and to discuss imagery - it is a very exciting process!

Our desire is that through our artwork, others will have a better understanding of what the Bible reveals about the place that Christ has gone to prepare for all of his disciples. For other believers, we hope it will get them excited about heaven, maybe in a way they never have been before. And for those who don’t yet believe, we hope it will get them excited as well...

For our final exhibitions, first a small show in the First Covenant Café, then a larger more public exhibit at the Artisan Gallery, each piece will include at least one Scripture reference to support it. As we have begun working on this study together, it’s quite likely that many images will reference several Bible verses, so we are considering how best to make that available to the viewing public.

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